A Bunch of Freaking Retards

making the world stupider one retard at a time



Welcome to the BOFR Website. Since i couldnt says this on our banner, our actual name is Bunch of Fucking Retards, but hey, whos being that technical? This is our portal to our Forums, and, for you non BOFR members, a chance to ask for an interview/ whatever you call it for an oppoprtunity to join us. We are a COD4:MW (call of duty 4: modern warfare for you newbies out there) clan. All in all, we hope you find this site enjoyable. be sure to check out the forums, cause well put up some crazy ass stories up there. and also translations for certain things we say. yes, were that special.

(also please be patient, the site is currently under construction, since alot of stuff has to be approved by the higher ups of BOFR)